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As an independent multi platinum award winning producer Dito has worked with artists all over the world and has been responsible for the careers of super star’s and not yet super stars.

His involvement in the production process is all encompassing. He is an active participant in both writing and arranging and often comes up with the key hook that makes the song special.  An accomplished musician Dito has the ability to work with musicians on an intensive level. Dito’s greatest contribution however is his ability to unleash a once-in-a-lifetime performance from his artists.  No matter what it takes he will discover it and bring the artist to the pinnacle of performance. His innovative and original recording and mixing techniques give the artist he work’s with a polished sound without erasing any of their personal distinctions.  His productions are accurate presentations of music style and attitude in the most honest, yet flattering light possible.

Passion for music, dedication and innovation, this is what makes a great producer.

Stylistically I have produced: metal, hard rock, main stream rock, blues, pop, reggae, R&B, jazz and folk.

TNT Records
Vice President / General Manager

In 1991 Dito co-founded TNT records. Dito and his partner raised over a million dollars and staffed the company with record executives from major companies within the LA area whose expertise could help mold a successful label.His position was GM and A&R Director. He first secured domestic and international distribution, and  was responsible for all label signings, the allocation of funds for recording budgets, videos manufacturing and advertising. Created promotion campaigns for each of the labels artists at both radio and retail level. Dito's ability to head this company and create an extraordinary relationship between all of his artists and staff was essential. 

As each of his artists toured he was able to coordinate live appearances with radio stations which were retail reactive, sometimes by hitting the road himself and creating affiliations with the program directors and music directors of the stations in route. Dito set up in stores for record signings and give aways, hired the independent radio promoters, public relations companies, negotiated all endorsement deals for the label's artists and designed marketing concepts which turned into record sales.


Real to Reel Productions  

General Manager

Real to Reel Productions was a management/production company. Dito sought new talent in the LA area in a time (80’s) when the music scene was exploding on the Sunset strip. Big hair bands ruled the day and he managed and produced them with great success. Labels were in the business of development and numerous signings. As a young company they worked with groups who made their mark in the music of that era. Real to Reel started to take bands from LA and introduce them to the European market, while at the same time brought bands from the GAS territories to the US. 

Dito has taught Music Business Management and Studio Production at:

UCLA, LACC, UN. Of Sound Arts and Southern Oregon UN.

He has lectured at SXSW, NXNW, LAMP, LA Jazz Coalition and The Temecula International Film and Music Festival. 


New York School of Music

Southern Oregon UN. / Music Theory

 Endorsed by the following companies:

 Taylor Guitars

 Minarik Guitars

 DBZ Guitars

 Fernandez Guitars

 Dean Markley




Red Monkey

Fractal Audio

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Dito Godwin